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Here you have the opportunity unlike many other promotions to become directly involved in live WWWSS events throughout the world.

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World Wide Wrestling Super Stars mission is to offer personalized entertainment services in a proactive and professional manner.

While maintaining a high level of integrity, WWWSS wishes to contribute to each community it visits through social involvement, anti-drug campaign, establishing sports and training facilities and above all instilling and educating the youth to live a clean and healthy lifestyle through sports.

In contrast to other wrestling promotions, WWWSS takes great pride and strives for excellence in providing its viewers with wholesome family entertainment, with the emphasis on family.

WWWSS officials have gone to great lengths to be able to promote a distinguished style of  wholesome entertainment by becoming part of each community we visit. It is essential that every individual that attends a WWWSS event feel proud to attend with his/her family.

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World Wide Wrestling Super Stars officials have successfully organized wrestling shows all over the world for the past thirty years.

WWWSS have successfully presented and promoted wrestling shows in the following countries: Canada, Japan, Trinidad, India, Middle East, England, South Africa and the Philippines.

It is with the international success of earlier ventures that WWWSS officials are presently looking forward towards developing and continuing ongoing wrestling throughout the world.

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